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"In flesh and bones he walked this earth; 
Removing misery, disease and dearth."

Shiva, the man, walked on this earth some 15000 years ago (by the most conservative estimate). Yes, Adiyogi, the most revered man in the Tantra tradition was a human, not a god!
Starting with the basic premise that "I do not know where I came from, nor do I know where I will go, but I surely know I am here and will be here for quite some time," he developed practical tools and technologies that enhance the quality and quantity of human life. All that he created is practical, safe and independent of belief -- it's more of a technology than an art! You just follow the exact steps and you get the intended outcome irrespective of whether you believe in it or not. He called this technology -- Tantra. Tantra is an utterly beautiful word. It's Sanskrit for technology, and yet in another connotation it also translates itself as the 'web of life' implying the interconnectedness of everything. In short, Tantra is the technology of the interconnected, whole and continuous."
Tantra is an umbrella term for the multiple life-enhancing tools developed by Shiva: from Yoga to Yantrashastra and from Swarashastra to Chakrasiddhànta. For Tantra, everything is sacred and Shiva sums this up beautifully when he rhetores, " O Devi, what is it that is not Shiva?"
Shiva, as a man, cannot be spoken about or introduced in the common way. He is his technology. And therefore, knowing his technology is knowing him. He understood that everything is a frequency and hence researched, experimented and decided ways in which frequencies can be manipulated. In this endeavour he mapped frequency manipulation through breath (Swara), Sound (N√£da), Movement (Nritya), Focused restraint (Yoga), Emotions (Rasa), Colours (Drik), Shapes (Yantra), Rhythm (Mantra) and many other ways. Each of these is a simple and ingenious tool to shift your individual as well as collective vibration.
The body of Shiva's work is astounding to say the least! It can only be experienced.


About Shiva the Man and his life enhancing technologies.