A quick introduction to what the sounds are, how they work and what transformation they can bring about in your life.

The Sounds

Everything is a frequency. Everything vibrates; from thr stillest mountain to the flickering wings of a humming bird. An atom is an empty space that vibrates; and so is the universe.

Understanding vibrations, therefore, is understanding creation itself. Once you understand what vibration is, both the atom and the cosmos, reveal their secrets unto you. The atom is the seed, the universe the fruit, and both co-create each other.

The human organism is the most stupendous and amazing manifestation of this vibrations. It is a vibration which is aware of itself. Yes, you as an organism are both the dance and the play of consciousness itself.

However as the consciousness distills itself on the grosser level creating our very own awareness, we begin to be aware of all that is 'not-me'. This segregation is where the human organism detaches itself from the eternal continuum.

Sounds of Shiva is the point of reconnection. They bridge the gap between the'me' and the 'not-me'. They connect our awareness to consciousness and our segregation to the continuum.

Here, each sound is an easily reproducible frequency that bridges the resonance gap. It instantly connects your organ/system to the universe and brings about a resonance. Don't believe? Well, try out the following and experience it for yourself.

1. Look around and check your vision for clarity.

2. Download this file on your computer/mobile.

3. Close your eyes and place your palms on your eyes.

4. Listen to the audio track until you comfortably recognise the sounds.

5. Now, for two minutes reproduce the sounds yourself vocally.

6. Open you eyes and look around.

Doesn't the world seem a brighter place now -- as if somebody has just adjusted the focus (brightness and contrast) of your eyes! Well, that's a Sounds of Shiva sound! This sound created a resonance between your eyes and the universe and altered your visual consciousness in just two minutes -- isn't that amazing!

What, just now, happened with your eyes can actually happen with each of your organs (be it your kidney or your heart!) & systems, so also with your life conditions (e.g. money, relationships, etc.) and spaces (home, office, etc.) Hundreds have come to a state of good health, balance, harmony and abundance so far through the use of these sounds. You too can! All that you need to do is go here and book yourself for the next Sounds of Shiva Retreat. Go ahead and give yourself this gift of a lifetime -- or else, spend a lifetime trying to improve your life.


Nada Yogi Chintan Dalal shares his personal experience with the Sounds of Shiva and how they helped him to create a miracle in a nearly-impossible medical condition.

The Retreat

Yes, it's an experience like none other. It's where you feel the merge with your source. It's where the atom explodes as the universe and the universe fuses as the atom.

Come, experience for yourself and help others to experience through you, the life-changing therapeutic benefits of these most ancient sounds.


1. About the individual sounds that are actually the resonant frequencies of our body organs and systems.

2. How to heal diseases and disorders using these vocal sounds without the use of medicines as well as a supplement to the ongoing medication.

3. To balance the body's energy-flows with easy-to-create sounds.

4. The art of balancing your chakras with just a single sound in minute instead of the seven individual sounds.

5. The sound that helps you create wealth with ease, joy and glory.

6. How to consecrate spaces, be it homes or offices, with highly potent sounds.

7. Distance healing of physical, mental and psychosomatic ailments and consecration of places using sound as an effective tool.

8. To create success, joy and affluence for yourself and others.

9. The delicate art of harmonising relationships and diffusing emotions in an easy way.

10. How a minute a day is all that you need to change your life.

11. The skill of bursting the cycle of Karma and open yourself to unbridled freedom, joy and ecsatsy.


Listen to Sound Healer and Family Constellations Therapist Revati Dighe share her realisations during the Sounds of Shiva Retreat.


1. Learn the ancient art of harmonising through vocal sounds.

2. Create more and more money and joy in your life.

3. Resolve hitherto unresolved issues for yourself and your clients.

4. Acquire a 100 percent workable therapy and get certified as a Professional.

5. Dissolve your past, design your future and create the 'here-and-now'.


Dr. Asha Deshmukh, an intensivist by profession, shares her miraculous experiences with the Sounds of Shiva therapy.

Key Takeaways

1. Detailed notes on the correct usage of the individual sounds and their therapeutic applications.

2. A CD containing the correct pronunciations of the individual sounds.

3. A beautiful card Deck to keep the Sounds handy, whenever, wherever.

4. Business networking sessions for individual and professional future growth.

5. Free one page listing on our website as a Certified Global Practitioner.


Registering for the next life-changing retreat is very easy. Just fill-in the form by clicking on the link below and we will get back to you when the next retreat is announced.